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brianna martinez

brianna martinez

brianna martinezbrianna martinez

editorial services & creative production

writing / photography / design

I can edit your work, write for you, and help you w/design.

my processes of revision & production are informed by my wide range of editorial & writing experiences, including:

  • graduate-level training in rhetoric & composition studies
  • experience as a composition instructor—I design full curriculum & assignment sets, & offer undergraduate students regular, thorough feedback for their multimedia writing projects
  • background in publishing book-length literary reviews of undergraduate work

my creative vision is supplemented by my experience using a wide range of professional tools, including:

  • Adobe Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop)
  • iOS-supported programs (iMovie, GarageBand, Procreate)
  • Website design platforms (WordPress, Tumblr html theme building, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy)
  • Microsoft Suite & Google Suite
  • DSLR and advanced photography/video production equipment
  • Hands-on: painting, multimedia processes, sewing & fabric work, printmaking (linocut, relief, intaglio)

I am a graduate student and freelancer,

which means I am starved for projects that are non-academic, and I want to build my portfolio of work. this is where you come in. 

shoot me an email to arrange a free video consultation. collaboration is essential to processes of writing and design.